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QUESTION: We would like to inquire about this stone you can make them.Aluminum

ANSWER: Are you asking if you can use this rock for aluminum ore in order to make aluminum?

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ston pic
ston pic  
QUESTION: Yes.Because if it was mined iron, it is not precious. Because we have the cost of transportation to the port.Very expensive

ANSWER: As you probably know, most Aluminum is extracted form Bauxite ore, which is formed as a wethering product of felsic bedrock in tropical areas.  Trying to extract aluminum from feldspars or other alumno-silicate minerals is very difficult.  Extracting Aluminum from Bauxite is difficult in and of itself. It requires a lot of processing and electricity in order to reduce it to its metallic state at a temperature of 1,800F.

I cannot really see the properties of the rock you have in the picture and do not know what minerals are in it.  The small abount of Al present and the difficulty and expense of extracting it would make its use financially unfeasible.

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QUESTION: dear sir pls open the attach no 1

im send the all info

I looked at the attachments and I cannot provide you any more information beyond what I have already provided.  

I think you will need to provide a sample to a processor and have them tell you what it would cost to extract the aluminum into a usable ore form.  I think it will be too expensive to be competitive.


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