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My Rock
My Rock  

My Rock
My Rock  
I live in Central Massachusetts and I found a rock in a pothole in my street ten years ago.  My street is a dirt road and a dump truck came one day and dumped rocks in the potholes.  This rock I have was among them.  The rest of the rocks were all rough, sharp and pointy in shape.  But this one is completely smooth, and sort of egg-shaped.  The pictures might not show it, but the rock is an ashy brownish gray color, with minuscule flecks of white.  It has only a few small dents and weighs two pounds.  I was wondering what type of rock it is, if there might be something inside, and how I would open it if there's something inside.

Dear Samantha
This rock due to weathering conditions became rounded-They collected rocks from the field-It is not source originally where rock was existed
You can try to test rock your self-first wash rock with water removed -covered dust
Rock identification done by phyical verification with mineral content
I am unable to identify minerals in rocks in picture
u can try your self note hardness of minerals -cutting with knife-or glass whether it can be scratched or not
if it hard rock like granite consist of quartz and feldspar are harder
Local geologist can -assist you -if u know
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