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Here is a picture of the rock.  Sorry about not attaching it first.  Thank you.

Hi again Jenny,
That's a good pic.  I think you have piece of basalt.  That's a rock that hardens directly from molten rock.  Lava is molten rock that flows out on the surface, magma remains buried.  Lava hardens into rock quickly and so the grains that make it up are VERY small.  As I mentiomed in our first message the Sierra Nevadas are mostly granite but this shows that there certainly must be some basalt.  And that is pretty common.  
The holes that you see were filled with minerals.  Not sure what they might have been, but over the years they have popped out leaving the holes behind.  Another thing that they could be is gas pockets, vesicles.  What happens is that gas from the melted rock collects in pockets in the rock while it is still molten.  Later, after the rock hardens, the gas leaks away leaving holes.  This is what I think you have.
Here's a site that shows a rock that is much like yours, but I think yours is a bit more smoothed by erosion

Hope this helps.


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