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I bought a bag of polished stones at a second hand store. In the collection there is a grayish brown stone that when you turn it in the light reflects purple , blue , green flecks inside. Just wondering if you know what it might be. Thanks

Hi Pat,
Without a pic it's pretty much impossible to tell what you have with any certainty.  But your description of light reflecting off different colored flecks makes me suspect you have a stone called "Goldstone". It's considered a gemstone and you often find it in a group of tumbled stones.  It's artificial, and is a glass made in a special oxygen reducing atmosphere.  It was rumored to be made by Italian monks but there is no hard evidence for that.  There is documentation that a family in Venice #Miotti# made the first goldstone in the 17th century.

Here's a picture of some typical goldstone;

It can be any color but is usually brownish, blue, green or black. This site has some pretty good information on goldstone;

If your specimen doesn't look like this you could take a clear picture, with something for scale in it, a coin works just fine, and resend the question.  With a picture I might be able to pin it down.  Another source would be your local university or college Geology Department.  They love to ID rocks for people.  Or a local rock club would be able to help.  This site lists the rock clubs in the U.S.;

Hope this helps.


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