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Geology/I want to start my career in geology . please suggest what is the scope of this new era in earth science.


Hello sir ,

Before sending you a email ,  i just wanna introduce my self ,  i am rahul sharma  . This year i had passed intermediate with 86.2 % maths group and  i am much passionate about the earth sc. from my child hood and wanna start my carrer in this field .
So i had deciced to take admission in Geology B.Sc deptt . Let me know the scope and career opportunity in this field . Should i go for Higher studies or shall i peruse Master's degree only .
And what about the research area in this field . can i be a part of JRF/JRE in geology ?
Please give me a  detailed description about Geology and future scope . I shall be highly grateful to you  .

 With warm Regards :
Rahul Sharma
12th Stnd.

Dear Rahul Sharma,

Thanks for sending me this question. Congratulations for obtaining good results with high marks in your examinations which reflects that you are a really a good and serious student.

Your have taken a right  decision to become geologist as a future role for your career and briefly I want to describe why.

As you know Geology is about earth; anything related to earth is in Geology whether it is deep down several thousand kilometers , or few centimeters deep or on the land itself. Geology is the science that unfolds many secrets of our earth's history; when our earth forms, how it forms, various scientists have presented theories about its birth and changing shapes and provide evidences to prove their thoughts.

How life starts in our earth, when? what causes them to grow and flourish,  how did few living organism start to die and become extinct from our planet after some time?
Another set of mysteries are about the existence of major physical features on earth which we see every day; rocks, mountains, valleys and rivers, soil and stones, earthquake, landslides and tsunami, estuaries and deltas, seas and oceans, hills,  , lakes, glaciers, sea shores, forests and prairies, deserts and plains, beaches and islands, volcanoes and geysers, and several other features which we see now have been since millions of millions of years ago as well. Geology  unlocks the secret vault of wealth of mysteries about our earth.

In order to understand geology the processes that were involved to forming few of  those elements I have described above are essential to be understood in the first place and that's what you are suppose to study in the first few classes systematically.

Geology has several facets; it deals with human needs to provide the raw material and fuel for the  economic growth and human welfare, it deals with academic purposes and for the research that uplift the understanding of the earth's past physical processes and its changing dynamics as it affects human life now and will affect in the future.

Geology also provides the  fundamental knowledge about the natural disasters such as earthquake, tsunami and floods etc and also suggests some measures to control the damage.

Geology is divided into several sub branches; physical geology that deals the natural processes  that shape the features such as rivers, lakes, mountains, etc. Stratigraphy; deals with the processes of rock forming and distribution  establish a methodology to classify rocks and name them on the regional level or even on smaller units. Petrolgy; deals with rocks physical and chemical properties, economic geology deals with minerals and provide more information which in turn provide economic benefits to human being, engineering geology deals with soil of the rocks and its management for constructing civil structures such as dams, roads and highways, railway tracks, sea ports and airports, etc.

Petroleum geology deals with oil and gas and describes the origin, reasons of origin, occurrences and methods to explore and exploit these natural fuel resources, mineralogy deals with minerals, paleontology deals with the understanding of past history of  life on earth and usually deals with fossils of animals and plants and  provide systematic and logical rationale about the nature of life on earth several million years ago. Sedimentology; deals with processes of the formation of sedimentary rocks on earth. Volcanology deals with volcanoes and volcanic activity. Marine Geology deals with oceans and seas and the processes that form them and change them.

Similarly, geochemistry and geophsyics which deal with the chemical and physical properties of earth.This is just an very brief introduction of few but very basic and essential branches of geology.

If you focus and study any one subject after your bachelors you may be a specialist and you may study more and if you are willing to continue research. For example, you may become petroleum geologist or mineralogist or stratigrapher or paleontologist or Marine Geologist.
The scope and application of geology will stay as  long as we are living on earth because  we need oil and gas for our cooking, transportation and industry, we need coal and rocks, we need precious mineral and gemstones and we need medicines and basic ingredients comes from various rocks and minerals.

We also need to manage our water resources where geology plays key role specially when building a dam and dam site strength and capacity to hold weight of water storage need to be assessed.

However, with time many subjects will become more important than others and some subjects will merge. For example, petroleum geology likely to become petroleum Geoscience in which engineering and geophysics will take a strong position as well but geology will be at the steering seat. There are few universities in the world who have introduced similar program in their Masters program.

As far as the professional growth and earning opportunities from geology is concerned I like to give one example; exploration of oil, gas or minerals from the earth is not easy and needs a lot of money to dig down from the earth, therefore only big and rich companies may afford to bear the expenses of exploration. But once company gets a successful results making large and premium profits has been possible. Due to this reason, petroleum exploration is a high risk but high reward business or you can say it make you king or make you a beggar.

The companies usually pay more to their geologists and other technical staff as they are considered the key players to make them successful Once you are in the business up to your neck you will find plenty of earning opportunities far better than  engineers and other professionals working in other sectors and industries.

Globally, more new emerging natural resources has increased the utility of geology with time and it's expected to grow in future as well. For example, the massive shale gas resources once were the dream but now it's a reality. Recently, the world has seen how the shale gas has phenomenally changed the industry's  concepts and affected economy positively of North America.
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