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Hi there.

I came across a weird rock on the beach. links below.

I was wondering if you could identify it for me? Its a bit bigger than a match box, heavy (about 90 grams), solid and smooth.

Someone said to me it could be a bone but i think its a rock.


Sorry it took me so long to respond!  Looking at your picture, I agree what you have is probably a rock.  Understand that what you have is a small piece of something much larger.  The processes that led to what you found have taken millions and millions of years.

I think you have a piece of sandstone.  It was likely buried deep within the earth as part of some tectonic process.  While it was buried, or being buried it likely "fractured" due to the pressure and stress of the burial process.  Then, while buried, some water or other fluid that was particularly rich in silica passed through those fractures, cooled and formed the "bull" quartz which is white parts that are standing proud above the other more readily eroded sandstone.

I know there is a lot there.  Hope it helps!



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