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Geology/Characterisation of Depositional systems andhydrocarbon reservoirs


Goodday sir, I'm kanu by name.
Sir, I'm bout doing my final year project and I choose
''Characterisation of Depositional systems and hydrocarbon reservoirs'' as my project topic.
This is my first time and sincerely am a novice in this
area cos am a geology/mining student but I want to
on reservoir engineering as a career.
Please sir, I kindly need your help as to step by step
process on how I am to go bout this project topics and
what I need know bout it.
If possible please, the materials I need and where to get
Basic and important things I need to know when
embarking on this project.
Please sir, I'd be glad is my request is favorably


There are lots of studies on various petroleum reservoirs and the depositional systems from which they are derived.

For instance, in Oklahoma and Kansas, there is an old play consisting of "shoe string sands".

These were old stream channel sand bars and point bars surrounded by clays. They occured at various depths over a fairly wide area, but followed a distinct trend.  They were derived from a fluvial depositional system feeding into a prograding deltaic system.

Other examples are fractured limestone reservoirs, which would be indicative of a deep water depositional enviroment.

The Permian basin of Texas, is a reefal carbonate depositional system,enhanced by diagenetic changes to the carbonates.

In Montana I worked in a Pinnacle reef play which was Devonian.  These were realtively small carbonate pinnacle reefs surrounded by clayey source rock, indicatinig a regressive sea depostitional regimen.

What you will need to do is determine how you want to approach the subject.

I don't know what the stipulations of the project are.  You could do a survey of some of the oil fields of the world, giving an example of each of the most common depositional environments, with a description of their current depositional analogs.  You could show how the depositional sequence looks in well logs, or seismic.  They are usually distinctive in well logs and have a very characteristic pattern.

Showing how to determine a depositional sequence from a well log:


Example of a search:

You could go into the reservoir characteristics of the various reservoirs derived from each depositonal environment and how the effect the reservoir engineering paramaters.  


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