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Geology/hydrocarbon generation and migration


Goodday sir, I'm kanu by name.
Sir, I'm bout doing my final year project and I choose
''hydrocarbon generation and migration'' as my project topic.
This is my first time and sincerely am a novice in this
area cos am a geology/mining student but I want to
specialize on reservoir engineering as a career.
Please sir, I kindly need your help as to step by step
process on how I am to go bout this project topics and
what I need know bout it.
If possible please, the materials I need and where to get
Basic and important things I need to know when
embarking on this project.
Please sir, I'd be glad is my request is favorably

Hello Kanu

I think you need to find a petroleum Geologist to help with this topic. I am a Hydrogeologist so only know what I learned in school many years ago.

While you are looking for an expert I suggest you get some ideas from your professor. Also, I always like to check Wikipedia first - good basic information on most subjects and a list of references to study further.

Good Luck



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