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QUESTION: Goodday sir, I'm kanu by name, a geology/mining student and am in my final year.
I'll be doing my project soon and sincerely I can't come up with a topic, please I kindly ask if you can assist me with a project topic/topics related to petroleum/reservoir geology.

ANSWER: Dear Mr. Kanu, Goodmorning and Fraternal greetings!
Thankyou very much for your question and your keen interest in Petroleum and Reservoir studies.
There are lot of topics that are related to your query, but I would like to suggest you the simple topics. Since you are doing some dissertation/project study the following are the appropriate for your requirement.
1.   geology and evolution of sedimentary basins
2.   Integration of geology and engineering for improved, quantitative, characterisation of oil and gas reservoir performance
3.   Characterisation of Depositional systems and hydrocarbon reservoirs
4.   Hydrocarbon generation and migration.
5.   The principals and practices used to characterize petroleum reservoirs

If you want little bit tough and time consuming research projects , the following you can choose

6.   Depositional geometries, petrophysical properties, and compartmentalization of carbonate reservoirs
7.   Seismic imaging of subsurface fluid flow: petroleum systems and shallow hazards

Wish you best of luck

With regards

Dr. D S Subrahmanyam

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you sir for giving me the answer to my question but still yet I hope you don't mind me asking another question..
From the topics 1-5 which requires going to the field and which doesn't?
I'd be glad if my question will be favorably answered.

Dear Mr. Kanu

the first 3 topics require field studies, remaining 2 topics i.e. 4 and 5 requires class room reserch. However for all the topics, if possible some practical studies including field studies may help you to fulfill your dissertation. Refer concerned books and take decision.

wish you good luck

with regards

Dr D S Subrahmanyam


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