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Respected Sir
         I have done BS (hons) in petroleum Geology from Punjab University.I need your  guidance in research proposal in which i can do a research in petroleum geology mphil in Punjab area, so kindly suggest a topic related to this ..


Dear Nazan,

Thanks for sending me your question and I am glad that you are pursing a research proposal.

Please keep in your mind that you will need following dataset for research.(where ever it applies depending on the type of research work)

1)well logs with GR, Density, Resistivity, Neutron and Sonic, mud logs and reports
2)Core data; selected zone only on the specific unit where research is intended.
3)Well report: testing data, drilling history and temperature and pressure data
4)Seismic data; At least in the areas of investigation
5)Satelite maps.
6)Outcrop samples data set
7)Geochemical reports

PS: Several data set you need to create by you while doing research such as sample geochemical analysis or reservoir properties etc etc.

If you can manage to gather all the data you are suggested the following research topics.You need to select, modify or even merge one or more topics in to one topic to prepare a research proposal. I will advise to pursue only those topics where chances to acquire the data is possible. For example, wells and seismic data you have to pursue the proprietary data set which usually owned by oil and gas exploration company or in the custody of the government authorities. Take you own decsion subject to your own convenience.

Select any key reservoir where data is adequately available (logs and reports and core results)
For example; take Pab sandstone of Maasterichtian age
Topic are as follows;

1) Seismic interpretation and sequence stratigraphic architecture of Maastrichtian age Pab Sandstone and depositional history in the Kirthar Range and interior of Kirthar Range , Sindh and Baluchistan, Pakistan

If you want you can choose other clastic reservoirs of Pakistan instead of Pab such as Lower Ranikot Formation of Early Paleocene age, or Lower Goru Formation of early Cretaceous age.

2) Thermal evolution and maturation of Early Cretaceous Sembar Formation as a major source in Lower Indus Basin.

If you like to change the area you may do so and replace the name of the area of your desire. Similarly if you are interested in any other source rock of any other region you can change those names and replaced with new names of your choice.

3) The vertical compartmentalization of Lower Goru reservoir rocks, in Badin Block, Sindh, Pakistan.
Need strong seismic background with several wells and logs and testing data.

4) Lithofacies and sequence stratigraphy of Eocene carbonates (Chorgali-Sakesar)in Potwar Basin, Pakistan

5) Pore types in the Early Paloecene age Ranikot Formation sandstone reservoir in Dhodak field, Pakistan.

6) Sequence and seismic Stratigraphic architecture of Plio-Miocene  sediments of Indus Fan, Arabian Sea, offshore, Pakistan

7) Source of carbonate precipitation  and dissolution/Karstification  in Jurassic Chiltan Limestone, Khuzdar area, Baluchistan, Pakistan.

Hope these topics are suffice at this time.

Please Rate this question if you are happy.

Once you select one topic I can help you write your research proposal as well.


Tariq Hasany


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