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Have like 6 more this size but different colors and size
Have like 6 more this  

Large one
Large one  
We dug these up while starting a garden in Austin mn. They are very heavy for their size the large one weighs at least 75lbs. Are the volcanic rocks?

Hi Kerry,
You may be correct that the original rock was volcanic, but what is left appears to be mostly agate.  Both volcanic rock and agate are common in Minnesota.  We don't fully understand how agate forms but it is pretty certain that a silica rich solution fills void spaces in rock.  Given time the solution solidifies into agate.  Volcanic rocks from the Superior Region are noted for their vugs (large voids caused by gas pockets#.  Those voids are often filled with minerals.  

Your specimen looks to have been mostly interconnected voids.  They were filled with agatized mineralization.  White colored minerals line the spaces and fill some of them.  Here's a picture of how chaotic an agate can be;

This specimen is solid but yours is not.  All of the empty space was once filled with the parent rock, perhaps basalt #a type of volcanic rock common to the area). Agate is a much more durable mineral than basalt, so as the basalt eroded away over the years what remains is the interconnected lacework of the agate.

Very nice!!

Hope this helps.


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