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Geology/Do I have pertrified wood and a meteorite?


QUESTION: I was wondering if I could email you some photos of a piece of pertrifed wood and what may possibly be a small piece of meteorite that I have had for quite some years....if you could identify them as such?

ANSWER: Hi Christy,

You can certainly send me photos.  That's the best way.  When you take them take more than one.  Get a couple different angles.  Also put something in the image for scale; a coin works nicely.

Just send me another question and attach the images.  I'll be looking for them.


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petrified wood?
petrified wood?  

QUESTION: Thank you. The wood weighs 10.4 oz and the rock weighs .4 oz. I would really like to know if I have something here

Hi again Christy,
The bigger piece is certainly petrified wood.  Check out this site to give you an idea of a similar piece;

Some pieces are preserved well enough for an expert to tell what kind of tree it originally was.  I am not forester enough for that but it looks good enough for someone with the right  expertise to do that.  That's a very nice piece!

The other one is more problematical.  It does look like a meteorite, but erosion can create the same kinds of depressions in the surface of a rock.  Is it even a little magnetic?  If a magnet sticks even a little it could mean it is a meteorite.  But chondritic meteorites are just rock, and don't have to be made of enough iron to make them magnetic.  Still, it does have the look of a meteorite so, barring further study, I'd say it is.  

Do you have a university near you that may have a geology or astronomy department?  If you do, it would be best to take it there.  To actually hold the specimen is the best way to identify it, and I imagine, one of the profs there would be able to tell you what you have.  Also, a local rock club might be able to give you an idea as well.  I have found that rock collectors are very good at I.D. of rocks and minerals that they collect.  

Hope this helps.


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