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I found this while searching for artifacts below Dayton Ohio. I have never found one in this area like this one. I was thinking maybe it was brought down by glaciers. As you can see it has a strange shape and appears to have faces carved on it. The area I found this in I found many primitive tools. Which leaves me to belive it was shaped by nature. My question is is the stone common the Michigan and what type is it?  Thanks Carl

Hi Carl,
Very interesting rock.  Looks like a clay-rich limestone, which is not uncommon in Michigan.  But I am intrigued by the hole in the rock.  Holes can certainly be made by natural, erosional means, I've seen many.  But this one looks so regular, and the edges look so smooth it makes me wonder.  I get the feeling it is artificial.  I don't recognize shapes in it that look particularly utilitarian or artistic but that doesn't mean it isn't either of those.  

I'm pretty sure you have an primitive carving or tool.  I think you should take it to a university, college or museum and have it evaluated for authenticity.  Very cool!!

I hope this helps.


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