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Scallop Shell
Scallop Shell  

I have a fossil with 3 shells in a matrix. I wanted to see if you could tell me a little bit more about them. The picture is attached. All I know is that they are scallops.

Any answers would be helpful!

Thanks and have a great day!

Laura K Jones

ANSWER: Laura:

Let me know where you found them if you collected them yourself. That will give me some idea of the formation and I can give you a better idea of their age, and geologic history.

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The only thing I know about it is that it was purchased from the Tucson show.



Here is a link to some samples almost identical to yours.  They are from the Miocene of the Lacoste area of west central France, species is Clamys latissima 20 million years old. or so.

The earliest fossil Pectin or Pectinidae hs been dated to 200 million years ago.  There are nearly 7000 species and subspecies names on record for both fossil and recent Pectinidae.

Yours look to a more recent specie so would be less than the maximum age.

Can you give me an idea of the matrix the fossils are embedded in?  I is chalky limestone?

Also, do the shells look like they have been subject to replacement?  or are they the original shell just set in a matrix of rock?


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