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Rock or mineral
Rock or mineral  

Large black rock
Large black rock  
We found these while hiking in Harriman State park in NY.

Do you know what kind of rocks or minerals these are?  The larger one is mostly black, some specs of reddish brown and a section of grey.  It also appears to shine when rotating in sun light.

The smaller one appears to be copper.

Many thanks, mike

Hi Mike,
Looks like you have a couple schist specimens.  That's a metamorphic rock; one that has been subjected to moderate amounts of temperature and pressure.  There was not enough temperature to melt the rock but enough to change the minerals in it.  This kind of rock is usually associated with mountain building episodes.  Here's a picture that looks much like yours.  The reddish specs are probably garnets.  The shiny spots are mica.

From your picture, the smaller rock does not look like copper.  It probably is the same type of rock.  It's difficult to tell but I think that's the case.

Hope this helps.


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