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I found a possible fossil in central Texas which is known for marine life during prehistoric times. It is shaped like a tooth but I don't know if it is one. If it is a tooth, the organism would've been carnivorous and the possible fossil measures 1 cm in length by a half a cm in width. The color of this possible tooth is dark brown. Based on the description, is this most likely a tooth? If it's not, would you know what else it could be? Thanks so much for your time!  I'm sorry about not having a picture to go with the question. For some reason, I took a picture of it and I had trouble uploading it.

Hi Tyler,
Sorry but without an image it is just impossible to tell what you have.  There are fossil corals that look just like a large tooth, erosional features can create tooth-like specimens.  Some minerals can have that kind of shape.  If you can send a picture we'll have a good chance of telling what you have.
There are a couple of alternatives.  Take it to the Geology department of a local University or college, they are usually more than happy to help.  Also, a local rock club can be very helpful.  I have found that collectors can be very knowledgeable about the rocks and minerals in their area.  They should be found on the Web.

Hope this helps.


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