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As Salam O Alaikum,
Respected Mr. Syed Tariq Hasany,

Your expertise are requested for the below mentioned.

I have a degree of Masters in Geology. Due to some reasons I couldn't apply in the Geological / Mud Logging sector and started off my career with a non geological organization. Four and a half years have been passed and now as things got better I intend to apply to my related discipline i.e Geology / Mud logging.

Sir, my question to you is:

Do I now have a chance to enter as a Mud Logger? Would this career switch be beneficial for my professional and financial growth as well? Could the vacuum be evacuated from a non related field to a successful mud logger?

Thanking in anticipation,

Dear Faisal.

Thanks for sending me your question.

It is nearly impossible to say anything with any certain authority about your chances to get job after a lapse of few years in non geological work.

If you have Masters in geology that is a biggest Plus for your chances to get job, Though you have not pursued your career in geology for few years but considering you are still young and probably in your mid or early twenties getting job should n't be a major problem provided you have learnt and developed in you the soft  and  communication skills and may work effectively due to your non geological experience. Soft skills and handling difficult situations and staying calm in such conditions and reaching  to amicable solutions are few of the important traits one can learn in life through experience and always considered as key personal trait.

But your own knowledge of geology is the paramount asset and please take care of it and assess yourself how much you know about various aspects of petroleum geology.

Keep on searching and applying where ever opportunities exist. I believe and hopeful that you may get job.

Kindest regards

Tariq Hasany


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