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Sir,please describe the different types of aerial photographs

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Major types of aerial photograph include Oblique,Vertical. There are two more types which includes either oblique and or  vertical and are called as combinations and Orthophotos.

Oblique include those photographs taken at an angle are called oblique photographs. If they are taken from a low angle earth surface–aircraft, they are called low oblique and photographs taken from a high angle are called high or steep oblique.
Vertical include those photographs are taken straight down. They are mainly used in photogrammetry and image interpretation.  Combinations are those aerial photographs are often combined. Depending on their purpose it can be done in several ways, of which a few are listed below.
Panoramas can be made by stitching several photographs taken with one hand held camera.
In pictometry five rigidly mounted cameras provide one vertical and four low oblique pictures that can be used together.
In some digital cameras for aerial photogrammetry images from several imaging elements, sometimes with separate lenses, are geometrically corrected and combined to one image in the camera.
Orthophotos are those Vertical photographs are often used to create orthophotos, alternatively known as orthophotomaps, photographs which have been geometrically "corrected" so as to be usable as a map.
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