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Respected sir.
I think you are fine and good.
I want to ask a question from you.
I am doing M.PHIL in GEOLOGY and I have also interest in psychology.
I want to also degree in psychology
I want a useful suggestion from you. Should I do dual degree that is in geology and psychology?
Will it give benefits to me and how much it will be useful for me in future?
As you are psychologist….you know much more than me…so what you will prefer to me…..dual or single degree????
Thanks from your important time.
Waqas gilani.


I am a geologist, not a psychologist.   Both degrees in order to be worth anything and afford you a job opportunity require at least a masters degree.  In geology, a masters degree is necessary to get a job with an exploration company.  Look at it this way.  A BS only gives you the necessary tools, the principles and concepts, but really does not teach you how to use them.  A thesis, or practical research teaches you problem solving techniques where you apply the concepts you learn. Graduate courses also teach you more in depth knowledge of certain subject matter making you more specialized.  The PhD does more of that, till you are an expert.  The old joke about PhD meaning piled higher and deeper is true.  You learn more and more about less and less.

With psychology, as interesting as it is, to my mind is pretty worthless.  I had a wife suffering from bipolar disorder also known as manic depression.  I took her to a psychiatrist, and told him what I had diagnosed her as being, and he agreed, then to my shock he just prescribed her drugs.  The drugs would alter her brain chemistry, and he did no baseline analysis of what her deficiencies actually were, and just did a qualitative analysis of what she needed and the as way of following up, asked her how she "felt".  Of course she lied to him half the time.  To me psychology is good for defining some of the aspects of why we are the way we are, but as far as a real practice, is as we used to say, "science fiction".  Too many people go in to psychology to find out what is wrong with themselves.  There are a lot of quack practioners out there.  I believe to be a therapist you need a MS at least.


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