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sir i have interest in petroleum engineering and i want to study it. sir what is the scope of petroleum engineering in PAKISTAN because PAKISTAN is not as such a prominent name among the oil developing contries. sir kindly tell me the future oppurtunities and job potential as well as pay scale of petroleum engineering in pakistan ..........thanks

Dear Mr Haris Qureshi,

Thanks for sending me your question.
The recorded Pakistanís exploration history is one of the oldest in the world and among all Middle Eastern countries known for their massive oil production and reserves Pakistan petroleum industry was way old and well established. The only difference between Pakistan and other Middle Eastern countries are their large reserves. Nevertheless, the production and reserves have significant impact on economy of the country and also affects future the industrial growth. Presently, Pakistan is producing about 100,000 Barrels oil perday and more than 4.5 Billion cubic feet gas per day. There are 21 active rigs drilling for search of oil and gas in different parts of the country. Twenty one rig count in a small country like Pakistan is quite serious number signifies that exploration and development activities are healthier and expected to grow in future. There is no employment data available that reflects sector wise available jobs now and projected jobs in future.

The largest employer in Pakistan is national oil companies (PPL, OGDCL, Mari Petroleum) and local private and multinational companies (POL, MOL, OPI, OMV, BHP, ENI, PEL, Polish Oil and gas, UEP etc) followed by service providing companies (Schlumberger, Halliburtbon, Baker Hughes, Weatherford etc).

Globally, petroleum engineering (PE) was once considered a hot job profession due to gap of demand and supply; engineers were less in supply than demand, therefore getting jobs after graduation would never have a problem.  I think, after the introduction of Petroleum engineering subjects in many Pakistani universities the demand and supply aspect become reverse now and there are more graduates in market than demand. However, it has been always the case for other professions as well and people use to study subjects of their liking.

Globally and as well as in Pakistan, I think industry salaries of PE are still very attractive than any other engineering fields provided you have experience. For getting job you have to depend on your own outstanding qualification and abilities including presentation skills, hard work and quick learning aptitudes. So you must have to arm yourself with these skills; further, you get to be optimistic for your future. Future planning has always been a great idea but don't fall into the trap of being too well planned for future  


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