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Geology/Bimini road in the Bermuda Road


As an expertise in geology what do you think about the Bimini Road?  Do you believe it is an actually road built by the advanced civilization, the Atlantans? Do you think the Bimini Road has anything related to do with Atlantis?

Hello from Houston.

The Bimini road.  There are a lot of strange geological phenomena that have yet to be adequately explained.  The Bimini Road is not one of them.

The road is composed of massive cemented carbonate beach sands that occurred when the sea level was much lower.  The carbonate sands were cemented by groundwater during this low ocean period, and then were later submerged to their present level.

As a scuba diver myself, I know that things underwater become encrusted quickly and erosion and deposition can obfuscate things even more.

While it is said that nature hates straight lines, there are more than a few examples of straight lines to counter the arguments that the road was man made.  Massive rocks be they limestone or carbonate sands, DO break along straight lines due to fracturing and jointing.

I have not seen enough evidence to support the idea they were built by humans or were part of some ancient ruins, like Atlantis.  

I believe the stories of Atlantis are more likely based on the destruction of Santorini by the Volcano in the Mediterranean, that in Bermuda.


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