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Cut Rock
Cut Rock  
I was unable to find larger quantities of hydrochloric or sulfuric acid but in the meantime I did split an example.  It was very hard to split with a hammer and took many repeated blows.  Inside it is quite light and fine-grained.Almost looking like the inside of a cracked fine porcelain china.  I enclose a picture of the latest experiment.

The splitted sample looks like  a fine grained quartzite,  it does not appear to be vein quartz, chalcedony, agate, chert etc.
Possibility of it being a man made material still cannot be ruled out.
If your curiosity still persist, you can give one part of the splitted sample to petrological laboratory of any Geology Department of college/university with a request to identify it under microscope. The thin section study (petrological) can identify whether it is man made material or quartzite or any other un-common rock.


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