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Hello I am a student majoring in Enviromental Geology I plan to go on to graduate school. I am interested in the field of engineering geology and hydrogeology. Which graduate degree is more useful and open up more doors Hydrogeology or Geotechnical Engineering or Enviromental Engineerung with a Hydrological/geological concentration. Sorry to ask so much just from my personal research I can't seem to find a good answer. All the majors I stated are offered by the skool I want to attend for graduate school.

Dear Iredia
Kindly note the courses your are interested differs from courses
Geology-Course will give in general earth sciences etc
Engineering Geology- Course gives more in puts of geology applications in civil engineering-Civil engineers will read engineering geology one of he core subject
I have published book Engineering Geology -u can read its review gives u Engineering Geology

Engineering Geology by D.Venkat Reddy, Vikas Publishing House Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, (2010), 658 pages.

         BOOK REVIEW

Recently a new book released entitled "Engineering Geology" written by Dr. D. Venkat Reddy, Professor of Engineering Geology, National Institute of Technology, Surathkal, Karnataka published by Vikas publishing house Pvt. limited, New Delhi. This book provides an excellent understanding of applied facet of geological science and engineering.
  The first few chapters of book explained very noticeably and concisely basic understanding of diverse geological aspects which is required for any field geologist, engineer and practicing scientist.
  The initial chapter present a concise and articulate introduction to various branches and sub branches of geological sciences and engineering. Subsequently the book deals with the earth interior and importance of understanding the earth crust, along introduction to the engineering geological phenomenon and its applications for development of society. The fundamentals of mineralogy, petrology and structural geology have been given passable concentration. The geomorphological frame work of hydrosphere comprising the structural drainage, marine erosion and ground water have been discussed from the point of view of civil engineers and engineering geologist. A good discussion has been specified of seismic hazards and structural protective design to be considered in earthquake prone areas.
  The author has discussed specific problem encountered in civil and mining engineering such as building sites, slope stability of natural rockmass as well as dump material, geo-hazards, pillar design, rock mechanics, bridge design, dam and reservoirs, tunnel and large size tunnel excavation. Application and utility of remote sensing and GIS have been briefly explained. Chapter of Stratigraphy of India and environmental geology is very useful for earth scientist and engineers for day to day working on the project site.
  The book provide an excellent understanding of engineering geology and has enormous use to earth scientist, practising engineer and civil engineers who can exchange ideas during execution of projects. This book provides support and practical guidance to those seeking help to guard the Mother earth while understanding it appropriately and accurately. In addition, the book is suitable for student of geology, geophysics, civil and mining engineers. The book provides an excellent understanding of rock engineering which will immensely benefit student, teachers, professionals and designer.
Professor D.Venkat Reddy deserve our gratitude for providing priceless reading material for practising geoscientist who are fascinated for meaning full balance to eco- system for sustainable development. It is equally good for a graduate who has just going ahead his career, to senior professional concerned in capitalising on his vast experience, this book provides solid possibility.
Department of Earth Sciences,
Indian Institute of technology,Bombay,
Mumbai-400 076
Hydrogeology sp area more applications in ground water -
Geotechnical Engineering is engineering course for civil engineers-
Environmental engineering also comes under civil engineering areas
Kindly chose your area of intrest
if any further see our web site
Prof DVREDDY-India
Editor in chief IJEE  


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