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sir i want to do petroleum engineering. plz tell me futurre of petroleum engineers in pakistan and the world. also tell me all the aspects of petroleum engineering such as salaries,work atmosphere. My parents discourage me from doing petroleum enginnering but i really want to to do it. plz give me a piece of advise.


Worldwide, the exploration is comparatively in advanced stage in the mature basins, where as there may be some reservoirs which may have been left out, or the producing reservoirs may have been damaged, leaving behind considerable oil and gas, resulting in a pre-mature abandonment of a field. Now such fields can be re-evaluated to find out the above. Similarly, by applying best practices during the producing life of the fields the life can be extended and the production could be maximized.

Here Petroleum Engineering and Reservoir Engineering come handy. Petroleum and Reservoir Engineering have an edge over exploration in a sense that their involvement continues throughout the life of the field, while the exploratory team leaves once the discovery is made, or just have an indirect involvement during the production phase.

Work atmosphere depends on your attitude, approach to the assignments and how your concepts are clear about your field of specialization; and how you communicate with other disciplines. The salaries are too dynamic to commit, but they will be much better comparatively.

I think your liking for the subject and the above analysis combined, might convince your parents.But you should be good in Maths, with a good command on the use of the computer/software.

Best of luck.


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Nusrat Kamal Siddiqui (Mr)


I am a petroleum exploration geologist with about 40+ years of diversified experience. I can answer questions on stratigraphy, log interpretation, field studies based on set of logs and core results, general geology etc. Can provide guidance for career planning in earth sciences. Can not help in questions about hard rocks, igneous petrology & mineralogy, sequence stratigraphy and seismic.


Petroleum Exploration - field geology, stratigraphy, prospect generation, interpretation of satellite imagery (visual), log interpretation.

Retired in May, 2006 as Senior Manager Exploration from Pakistan Petroleum Limited after serving 26 years. Since then continuing in active service with petroleum exploration companies.A cumulative experience of about 40 years covers 30 years in petroleum exploration, 5 years hydrogeology experience in Libya, and about 5 years of dam geology in Pakistan.

-AAPG Bulletin (Vol.88, July, 2004); paper on Sui Main Limestone (Eocene), a prolific gas reservoir in Pakistan. -Have presented papers on diversified topics ranging from spirituality, flood control, remote sensing and off course geology in France, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, UAE, Kashmir, India and Pakistan that have been published in respective Special Proceedings. -ONGC Bulletin(India) Vol. 44, Number 2, December, 2009; Chapter 19.A & 19.B on basin architecture and stratigraphy of Pakistan, p.402-474.

BSc Honours in Geology and Master of Science in Petroleum and Structural Geology. PGD from ITC, The Netherlands.

Awards and Honors
-Remained Active Member of AAPG from 1990-2006; founding member of PAPG (a local affiliate of AAPG). -Life member of SEGMITE & AGID, and Senior Editor of SEGMITE magazine. -Member of the Board of Studies, i. Department of Petroleum & Gas Engineering (BUITMS, Quetta), and ii. Geology Department, Sindh University, Jamshoro. -Member of Stratigraphic Committee of Pakistan. -Represented Mining Journal, UK in Pakistan till 2007. -Chairman of Annual Technical Conference (ATC)& Oil Show, an SPE/PAPG annual event, in 2003. -Chairman Technical Committee (ATC, 2002).

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