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Dear Sir,
       I ama student of Intermediat part 2. I want to do Petroleum Engineering. please tell me the future of PE. And is it a right field to study? i have interest in geology buj just want to know the future of PE. I shall graduated in 2020 so what will be the scope and demand of Petroleum engineers. Please give me a piece of advise.


For the foreseeable future, petroleum will be in demand.  If not for energy, for plastics feed stock and for synthetic fertilizer.  You are too young to remember, but in the 1950's and 1960's millions died from periodic crop failures in Pakistan and India until Norman Borlaug instituted high yield intensive agricultural practices in that part of the world.

So feeding the billions in your neck of the world will depend on hydrocarbon feed stocks and fuel.

Even if petroleum usage drops for transportation, it will still be in high demand for other critical uses.  Petroleum Engineers are on the cutting edge of how to produce more from dwindling fields.

Today, petroleum engineers are critical in the high tech effort to horizontal drill and frack shales to produce oil and gas.

As more and more of the large companies concentrate their efforts off shore, engineering becomes even more critical as we drill in deeper and deeper waters.

Geologists will also continue to be in demand. PEs have always made higher salaries since that path requires more math and passing a professional registration exam.  There are fewer engineers as a result so they are in greater demand.


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