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discoidal structure
discoidal structure  

discoidal structure
discoidal structure  
I found in Cretaceus argillitic shales, a lot of these flat conical structures in fibrous calcite. (nothing to do with "cone in cone" structures). The ridges are only on the external surface.
In the layers (marine sediments) there are no fossils.
I have not found anything similar in literature.
Till now, nobody has been able to tell me what it could be.
Thank you in advance.


Sorry for the delay in response.  These are great pictures and a great description of what you have found.  I THINK (am not positive) that these might be some mineralogical phenomena.  I have seen in shales - much older - large concretions.  These concretions, sometimes a meter across and half that high, seem to start growing around some tiny concentration of some mineral (a calcium crystal for instance).  In this instance, given the age your describe (K) it is possible to imagine some volcanic fallout providing the catylst for this growth.

The ridge structure that you have documented also looks remarkably like a pseudomorph after gypsum. However, if this is really an argillite that seems unlikely as we would need some period of exposure to the sun to cause this to happen.

I would be curious to see a stratigraphic column describing the vertical distribution of these features along with any other features observed in the shale..........




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