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Sir I want to know that is there in India and Pakistan minor lithospheric plates? if yes then please tell me names with some explanation.

In your words, what do you mean by saying minor lithospheric plates?
your answer would help in understaning your question.

Now having your comments, my answer would be in affirmative, I feel the major plates as envisaged are also segmented into smaller plates constrained by regional crustal faults. However, most of the global seismic activity is concentrated along the major plate boundaries and these intra-plate (smaller) boundaries do not show any significant seismic activity particularly in their cratonised parts. This could be due to subsurface sealing of the intra-plate faults due to multiple magmatic activities during the pre-Cretaceous mobile belt formation/ geological history like the Alps-Himalayan, Rocky-Andes etc. Otherwise it is difficult to conceive as to why and how the geodynamic processes have shifted away from the immobile belts to under the mobile belts of earth. The faults that you have mentioned or other faults that have their origin or linkages to the mobile belts should  be associated with high seismic activities and indeed they show high seismic activities. In contrast the regional crustal faults traversing the immobile parts of the plates are either seismically silent or are by and large dormant or have insignificant seismic activities. If the geodynamic processes have shifted away from the immobile belts to under the mobile belts, the same can return but, when, we have no answer at present, we have no knowledge of its return period.


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