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I want to know what kind of rock is it because i  think i see small pieces of gold on it.

Hi Naim,
You have a piece of quartz there.  It's the second most abundant mineral in continental crust (feldspar is the first) and has the formula; SiO2.  Often gold is found with quartz but more often the gold-colored mineral is actually pyrite; an iron sulfide(feS2).  

The images are a little blurry so I can't see any gold veins in the rock, I see only a brownish to possible yellow material.  But that doesn't mean there isn't any there.  If you see any veins that look "goldish" to you, and they are thick enough, try to scratch them with a knife point, or pin.  Gold will dent or bend while anything else will crumple or break up.  

If what you see turns out to be pyrite that still isn't too bad since gold is often associated with pyritic quartz.  Also, you generally can't see any grains of gold because they are usually microscopic in size.  

Because the picture is not clear I can't see anything that looks like gold, but if you found this specimen in an area where gold has been found before, you might still have some.  Your best bet is to take it to the Geology department of a local university, or a local rock club, or possibly an assay office to find out for sure.

Hope this helps.


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