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Hello!  How long, theoretically, does it take for every surface feature on the earth's crust to be completely obliterated and renewed?

Or alternatively, pick a time period, say 100,000 years and estimate what percentage of the earth's (terrestrial and aquatic) surface features would still be visible or at least not eroded away completely or obscured by ash, sediment, subduction etc to a depth of say 2 meters. These are just suggestions, please use any estimate parameters you deem appropriate.

The question pertains to the possible existence of undiscovered civilizations.

Many thanks.


In my experience the period of time that civilization, as we know it or understand it, has existed on earth is a fraction of geologic time.  Certainly there are examples like Pompeii where entire communities have been wiped out.  And there are civilizations that have disappeared, however they have left relics, monuments, etc so we know that they existed.  It seems unlikely to me - although not impossible - that anything has been wiped out in the realm of geologic time that we have missed.



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