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Shiny Rock
Shiny Rock  

I found this rock in my backyard in Michigan. It looks like it has some clear quartz crystal in it. It appears like stacked flakes and is quite shiny and silver-colored. Do you know what kind of rock this might be? It's size is about 1 inch by 1 inch. Thank you in advance.

Hi Cornelia,
You have a piece of muscovite there.  That's a type of mica, a mineral with a very complex formula.  It is not particularly rare but you usually don't find it in your backyard, unless it's a gravel pit or quarry.  

The mineral forms soft, flat plates that kind of grow together in book-like structures.  In fact collectors speak of finding "mica books".  You can separate the sheets until they are only a few molecules thick.  They can be made so thin that you can see through them and they were used as a substitute for glass.  They used to be called "isinglass" and could be used in furnace doors so you could see the flames, since muscovite is heat resistant and a good insulator.  

It gets it name from Muscovy-glass because people in Russia used it as a replacement for glass in their windows.

Here's a couple pictures.  The second looks a bit more like your specimen while the first is a more representative example of a mica:   good pic of muscovite

Hope this helps


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