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green red rock
green red rock  

closeup green red rock
closeup green red rock  
 I was wondering if you could tell me what type of rock this is.? I found it in Mohave County AZ. Its multipule layers, mostly green on the outside, and inside it is an orange red powder that stains hands and clothes.
Any info would be very appreciated.

I can't without actually seeing the rock tell you everything about the rock but I can tell you that that portion shown at the top of the "closeup green red rock" photo is an intrusive vein.  From the photo the vein appears to contain: pyrite (FeS), chalcopyrite (CuFeS which is where the green copper color come from), galena (PbS lead), there are probably a lot more minerals, but that is all that I can identify from the photo.  The red that you mention is FeO2 hematite and is probably only a surface coating since you say that it stains.  This is the mineral with which that the Indians used to paint their faces.  Because of the hematite staining I can't identify  the rock that the vein is attached to.  Hope this helps. This rock has the potential to have silver or gold.  The rock is too small to have an value itself but if you could find is origin the vein may have value.  


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I am an economic geologist. An economic geologist does mineral evaluations and appraisals of mineral or mining properties. I can tell you if your deposit has value - remember that a mineral deposit, no matter how good, only has value when mined. Any value assigned to a mineral deposit, in the ground, is only the speculative value that deposit.


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