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Geology/rocks types and their porosity


Dear Sir,
My study area contains many rocks, i have to identify ground water potential zones in Krishnagiri district, Tamil Nadu, for that i have to verify porosity nature and water holding capability of various rocks. the rocks are "GRANITOID GNEISS, CHARNOCKITE, PINK MIGAMTITE, GRANITE, BANDED FERRUGIOUS QUATZITE, AMPHIBOLITE, SYENITE, CHAMPION GNEISS". I have to give weightage for calculations. send me priority wise order(higher porosity to lower porosity) so please help Sir.

Dear Manikandan, Goodafternoon and Fraternal Greetings!

Porosity is the property of rock that depends upon the site specific conditions with + or - 10% difference depend upon the area. However the Krishnagiri area is covered with Migmatites, charnockites etc. Their porosity ranges from 0.511 to 0.514 lugeon. For particular type of rock if you want to know, we have to go for specific laboratory study. I do not have any databank for the specific rock types you described. But the porosity of all the rocks in your list varies from 0.511 to 0.514.  


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