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blue stone
blue stone  
Hello. I have recently received a necklace a with a blueish stone.I would like to ask to identify the rock for me. I Have tried researching on my own but i had no luck.Geoligy is a field that has always interested me and I would like to learn more about it.Could you please tell me its specific name and location where it could be found?
Thank you in advance.

Hi Patricia,
Very nice pendant!  You asked about the "blueish stone" but since both are blue I am not sure which you want information I'll talk about both.

The big one is called "Labradorite".  It's a plagioclase feldspar mineral made up of mostly the variety "Anorthite".  It's pretty hard and not terribly common but its claim to fame is the way it displays an iridescence when the light hits it correctly and on the right surface (labradorescence).  Its type locality is Labrador, Canada, and its primarily used for jewelry.

This site shows pretty spectacular specimens but something like yours;

These show a lot more than you might want to know.  The second one includes locations where found labradorite is currently found;

Now for the other blue stone; I'm not sure what it is.  Amazonite can be blue like that but your stone doesn't look like it has the striations of exsolved albite that you'd commonly find in it.  Here's a site with some info;

Here's one with a picture of amazonite but the blue doesn't seem quite right and is too clear

That leads me to think it might be microcrystalline quartz or chalcedony.  

This site shows a sample of chalcedony with color and surface similar to yours;

The last thing I think it could be, is plastic.  Just not sure without analysis.

Hope this helps.


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