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What are the common treatments used for landfill leachate in nj?  Can you describe the treatment processes and what contaminants do the describe treatments reduce or get rid of?  Do you know what the costs are for treating a landfill leachate in nj?  Any examples provided more than welcomed.  Thank you


A generic answer will probably not be of much use.  Landfills are different, what comes out depends on what went in.  NJ has kind of a reputation for being a float on plumes of one form or another from the former industrialization.  If a landfill went into a "brownfield" you'll have to add in whatever might have been in the ground before to the leachate soup that needs to be treated.  

Check out this study.  Run the query on Bing, New Jersey landfill leachate characteristics it should be the third link down, for a PDF file.  It is for pretreatment of leachate from a landfill in NJ.

The sixth one down, another PDF file also looks like it would help answer your question.

Landfill Management and Remediation Practices in New Jersey.

I hope this helps.  Scroll down and there will probably be other files or articles that specifically deal with NJ cases.



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