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mineral rock
mineral rock  
QUESTION: I've found a white/grayish object with very small crystals and pinkish/red objects. Weights about 10 - 12lbs. Need help to identify.. Hope you can help me. I can send you pictures if you like.

ANSWER: Hi Charles,
The pictures I have a very dim and blurry so I can't really make out anything.  You mention a grayish rock with small crystals and red objects.  I can't see any of that, but from what you describe it sounds like a piece of limestone with crystals growing in a vug (hole) or crevice.

Can't tell anything more than that, because limestone will support many different kind of mineralization.  Send a clearer picture with a close-up of the crystals and "pinkish,red objects" and we'll see what we can do.  Also, where did you get this?  Location can sometimes be important in identifying a rock.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi.. Here are the pictures of the pinkish/red objects.  Do you think it maybe a "Phonolite"?  I've found the rock in Chesterfield, Virginia.. I've also been told it is a cow fossil.

Hi Charles,
No images came through so I still can't tell what you have.  

But I can say it isn't a fossil.  

I don't think it's phonolite, but I can't be sure.  Tap it with a hammer (don't hit it too hard).  If it has a metallic ring it might be phonolite, but I don't think there are deposits of that rock type in Virginia.  You might want to check that with a local rock club (here's a list, or a university geology department.   

There is a deposit in New Jersey; could it have been collected from there and found its way to Virginia?

In any case I still can't give you a good idea of what you have yet.  From what little I can see it looks more like dolomite with some crystallization.  Sorry I can't be more definite yet.



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