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QUESTION: Hello I am a student attending a community college majoring in environmental science. The school I will transfer to offers a degree in Environmental Earth Science or an Environmental Science specialization with a strong chemistry base.  I want to go into the field of hydrology and hydrogeology which ia a better fit. The environmental science has lots of chemistry but not a lot of geology course work. The Environmental Earth Science has a lot of geology but only 2 Chem courses. I really don't mean to ask so much but I want to make sure I do the right major to prepare me for graduate school and my career.

ANSWER: Hi Iredia

It is good that you are considering the long term in your choice of field. I think you'll find that your career path will take unexpected directions as you go through life so be flexible.

I think you should do what interests you most so that you stay excited and end up passionate about your field when you are done with school. That should result in the most opportunities for you. For me I might choose a Hydrogeology major with a Chemistry minor - or a double major if that is an option but in the end it has to be right for you.

I like Hydrogeology but I have been doing it a long time - if you are passionate you will find a job - good luck!


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QUESTION: I thank you so much for your help. I apologize for my late response I did end up going with the Earth Science. I was also wondering if you know anything about engineering geology

ANSWER: Hi Ireida

I hope you are enjoying the Earth Science curricula. Engineering geology is a field that would give good balance to hydrogeology. I am working in NZ where engineering of foundations and earthquake considerations are important. I hope you like mathematics! Maybe check with the office in your university that places people in jobs and find out what they know about companies hiring people in your chosen fields.

Good Luck


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QUESTION: Ok so would taking soil mechanics and fluid mechanics be good to take during undergrad since I'm interested in theses fields of geology. I was also wondering what a good masters degree would be for engineering geology. I did some research and see almost no schools on the east coast offer that discipline. Would geotechnical engineering be close enough. Thank you so much for your help.

Hi Ireida

This is a bit outside my field of expertise - you should talk to some professors or industry experts. I am not sure I can tell you the difference between a Geotechnical Engineer and an Engineering Geologist - sorry. I think that soil and fluid mechanics are good supporting minors especially if they interest you. Your Masers subject may point the direction to the rest of your career (but not always!!) so put some thought into it. Geotech is important her in NZ and in most areas - check out the rest of the coursework and see if it interests you.

Best of Luck


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