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Geology/Question about possibility of sinkholes


We all witness disturbing news all around but, news about sinkholes appearing around the world, at a fast rate as it seems to be, in some parts of the world (apart from them being there all the time, as I've understood) have caught my attention  .
The area that I am concerned about is Serbia-Vojvodina-West Backa- the town of Odzaci (primarily) and Novi Sad. I'm concerned about the occurrence of underground waters filling our basements every once in a while, and the effect that might have on the existing soil, terrain (even though this has been happening forever probably but, on top of it, unlike hundred years ago we have neglected the existing canals in front of our houses that drained the rainfall)?
This is what I have came across about the terrain, . I can translate the legend if needed.
I realize that this is not karst terrain, but also that it is not that simple. My question basically is, can we still be at risk of something like sinkholes happening in our area, and, can You please reffer us to some litterature about this kind of terrain and risk factors, that is understandable for lay persons?

A good question, I live in India and have no knowledge of geology the Serbia-Vojvodina-West Bacca town of Odzaci but would try to reply to your query.

Normally sinkholes are not to be expected in non-limestone terrains/karstic areas. There is a possibility of wide scale piping taking place if the specific area is an alluvial terrace/reclaimed terrain with fill etc.. in close proxy,ity of streams/drains. Pl. check for any subterranean drains/streams that are causing subsidence appearing to be like "sink holes". Pl. also check whether there are any reports of presence of carbonatite, kimberlite etc. You may have to consult some local geologist of a prof. of nearby Geology Department of Univ/College.


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