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I have discovered some rocks on my property which I think are very old.  I am looking for someone who thinks they can tell me the age of the rocks.  I believe they are very old and used by a civilization from long ago, which they carved into.  I will attach two photos but have many more (approx 20 rocks) I would like an opinion on, if you can email me another contact email.  Thank you for your time.

Michelle E.


I honestly don't see much evidence of any carving there.  On the Rock 1 photograph what I do see is some evidence of intrusive igneous activity, where a fault opened in a rock and hot magma intruded and incorporated broken peices of the host rock..  The darker material would be the magma and the lighter stuff either was carried in the magma or broke off from the host rock.  It is also possible that as the magma cooled the lighter material crystallized first.  I am not sure I have much to say about the second rock based on the photo.  Again, I do not see any evidence of carving, etc.

You are right that these rocks are very old. Without knowing exactly where they came from (not where you picked them up), I would guess they are 10s of millions if not hundreds of millions years old.

Note that the age of the rocks would NOT be the same as the time when some ancient civilization used or modified them.  That time would be measured in thousands or tens of thousands of years as opposed to millions....

Hope this helps.  



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