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Sir few days ago i have asked about true and apparent answered that question and i have still confusion in apparent dip.I have fully understand true dip but still confused about apparent.can you quote any other example?

apparent dip
apparent dip  
Dear Muhammad Musa,

The definition of Apparent dip is any angle measured in a vertical plane that is not perpendicular to the strike line.

Take an example; Open a book and keep on a table tent or like a A. The top part is strike line.
The two limbs of the book are true dip which should be vertical to the strike. Now take a cotton thread and extend it on the one side of the dip of the book and should be perpendicular to the strike of the book. Now hold the thread by two hands on  the strike of the book and at the lower edge of the book, now move your lower lower thread to either direction; lower or upper direction, and hold it after moving. Angle between the thread and the  strike of the book is your apparent Dip.

Figure is attached. 1 is strike, 2 is true dip and 3 is apparent dip.

Hope this may be helpful answer.



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