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Having recently visited the Pyrenees, specifically Estany de Sant Maurici, and witnessing a spectacular waterfall cascade, it occurred to me that I could not explain where the water came from. The cascade emanates from near the top of a peak (2817 m) dwarfing other local peaks. There was no snow above or below. There must have been millions of gallons being discharged a day. A simple and childish question: how does the water get there and where from?

Thanks in advance

Hi Chris

All of the water flowing down the Pyrenees originates as rain or snow melt. Even in the summer rivers will flow because the water seeps into the ground becoming groundwater which also flows downhill until it springs out into streams and rivers. The upper areas must have significant groundwater stored in the rock and alluvial valley fill. I hope this helps. Keep exploring and sorry for the late reply.



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