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dear sir
   which type of sandstone acts as excellent reservoir and in which environment such sandstones deposit?

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An ideal sandstone reservoir should have high porosity (between 22 to 30%) and high permeability (greater than 500 Md). Sandstone without or minor cementation or slightly compacted are considered excellent reservoir. However, most of the sandstone which are buried deeper started to reduce their intrinsic porosity and permeability to the load of the overburden.

It is estimated that up to 10 percent original porosity reduced for a kilometer, that sandstone deposited by terrestrial environment particularly by Eolian dune processes (deposition by wind and usually in the desert conditions) have notably higher porosity and permeability. Secondly, any sandstone which deposited distantly off the water table usually possesses the best porosity and permeability.

Two very famous and world class sandstone reservoir of the world  with  terrestrial deposition environment are  Rotliegend formation (Carboniferous age) North Sea and Unayzah formation (Permian age) Saudi Arabia.

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