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Would you please teach me some ways for identifying the rocks listed below? What equipments do I need for this purpose? I'm looking for the simplest ways.
Marble- granite- travertine- pumice- slate- alabaster- basalt- gypsum- dolomite- ecaussine- porphyry- sandstone- stealite
سلام من در زمینه تعیین ماهیت این نوع سنگ ها به اطلاعات نیاز دارم چگونه میتوانم از روی ظاهر و خواص فیزیکی و شیمیایی، نوع سنگ های فوق را تشخیص بدهم؟

Dear Zohre

Even after Studying geology for sometime, identifying the most common rocks in the field can be very hard. So, it is not easy to practically teach you how to identify them. Nevertheless, you can find a general description of the sedimentary and igneous rocks you have mentioned in the following book which you can download at!117 . If you have read the descriptions there and still think that you need more help, you can ask me more specific questions about each of them and maybe I can help you then.!117  


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