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Geology/Found a weird "rock" in a cave. Don't know what it is.



Other side.
Other side.  
My Husbend went into a small narrow cave on Vancouver island bc. He broke off a price of white rippled rock. Very sparkly.

Don't know what it is?

Hi Rhianna,
What you have there is called a "speleothem", more commonly called a stalactite or stalagmite.  Speleothem is a generalized term for this type of formation, normally found in caves.  

Groundwater moves through rock and, most often, carries dissolved minerals in it.  When the water drips in a cave it leaves some of the dissolved mineral behind on the cave ceiling and the cave floor beneath the drip.  Over time they can form columns and pillars.  Anything that can be dissolved in water can eventually become a speleothem but mostly they are made of calcium carbonate (usually called travertine when found in a cave).

That's what you've collected; a travertine speleothem.  If you collected it from the ceiling it's termed a stalactite and from the floor it's a stalagmite.  

GOOGLE either term and you'll find a gazillion images.  Most are larger but they still give you an idea of the variety.

Hope this helps.


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