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Sir my son is studying in 2nd year pre engg and he intends to do petroleum engg but only UET lahore is managing the same with intake of 40 student each year. i think unfortunately he is unable to get admission in PE then advise alternate to join this field in future. thanks for an early response.

Dear Mr Muhammad,

Thanks for seeking my advice on your son education.

In Pakistan, there are other Universities offering Petroleum engineering for Bachelors degree other than UET, Lahore.

Others are Institute of Petroleum of Natural Gas, Mehran University Jamshoro

NED University, Karachi

If he likes to continue his education for pursue career in petroleum he may opt to study Geology or Geophysics which are being taught in many universities in Pakistan.If you live in the norther Pakistan, univesrities in Lahore, Peshawar and Azad Kashmir are nice places to study whereas in south; Mehran, Balochistn (Quetta) and Karachi have good old geology departments.

Best of luck to your son studies.



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