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Hello, I found what looks like to me possibly a fossilized dinosaure dropping. After a heavy rain fall at the camp grounds we found it peaking out of the sand. It is in the shape of an egg but it's loaded with fossil bones. It is 9 1/2 in long. I am hoping to attach a picture. Thank you

Hi Kim,
Very interesting specimen you have there.

Technically it's a bioturbated mudstone.  "Bioturbated" means that the sediment was disturbed by living things; animals, plant roots or, in this case, worms.

The structures you are seeing are not fossil bones, but they are fossils.  They are the remains of the burrows left by worms or other invertebrates.  As the critters moved through the mud they created the tunnels which later filled with mud and minerals.   

Here are a couple of sites that show how complex worm burrows can get:

Hope this helps.


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