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Geology/Anticipated demand of Petroleum Professionals


Dear Sir,
I'm writing here to the follow-up of my inquiry of future of Petroleum Engineering and geology. Firstly I gratefully acknowledge your comprehensive response. Thank you very much for your sage advice. It inspired me to make my foray into Petroleum Engineering.

Hence do you have any empirical calculations of how many new Petroleum engineers and geologists the USA wants in 2030 and beyond and be the demand would persist in rest of the world?

I reiterate my gratitude and look forward to hear from you.

M. Fainaz

No sadly I do not, but you might google of bing, "the great shift change".  That is the term for the pending retirement of so many of us older professionals.  It is a source of concern in the industry that so many of the experience professionals are in their 50's and 60's and are looking at retirement in the next 10-15 years.  So there should be a high demand for quite some time into the future, certainly in the time frame of your graduation.



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I have 24 years experience split between the petroleum and environmental industries. I have served as an expert witness in remote sensing, developmental geologist, exploration geologist, enviromental project manager, and subject matter expert in geology and geophysical software development.

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