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Doctor Venkat Reddy, I was wondering if you could help me with an inquiry. We are building a high altitude shelter, we live in Argentina, my wife and I, and we are not sure which kind of rock will withstand the extreme temperatures fluctuations of a fireplace better.

Keep in mind the back part of the fireplace will be completely exposed to the outside weather, extremely humid, cold and windy in this part of the World. We live near El Bolsón, coordinates: 41.9667° S, 71.5333° W. The shelter is up the mountain ridges to the west. I know very little about geology, but most rocks seem to be granites and basalt, probably some quartzite, but I'm not sure how to distinguish it.

My question then would be, which one would you pick between these?

Any explanation will be much appreciated. Kind Regards, Juan.

Requirements for quality Building/Dimensional/Ornamental stones-Few In puts
Rock is the basic building material utilized since historic times. India possesses extensive commercial rock deposits. It has been estimated that there are 300 known varieties of ornamental/commercial rock deposits in the world. India possesses more than 150 varieties of natural/commercial rock deposits. The Pre-Cambrian crystalline shield of south India in particular is made up varied igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks of varying types (Venkat Reddy, 1996,2004. Among all tasks the selection of suitable stone for exterior and interior decoration is the most challenging task for the architectural/structural/civil engineer. They must know the various requirements and specifications and dimensions of the stones before selection. Knowledge of the general parameters and quality aspects of stones are required before utilizations. In many instances civil engineers/architects will prefer the required stones on the basis of colour textural characters .In few instances stones which are utilized for specific design not suited due to color masking and other inherent defects made the stone not suited for that particular design.  All available natural rock deposits are not suitable for architectural and civil engineering works. An attempt is made to focus the stone utilizers to understand the geological parameters prior to mining of rock deposits.
General requirements for selection of Rock Deposits
Specific requirements for selection of quality commercial rock deposits are listed below
1)Availability of rock deposits (II) Workability of rock deposit iii) Colour index of rock deposit
iv)Textural specifications v)Durability of rock deposit vi)Engineering-Architectural/Industrial/Export / requirements
Granite-Quartzite rocks can with stand temperature fluctuations -These are hard rocks also
Thermal expansion factor of minerals in rocks plays major role
U can select hard rocks granite quartzite -available
if requires more consult rock engineers-
u can read my book Decorative and dimensional stones of India in further
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