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Helo Sir, Sir I want to know about Parasequence and there effects on the litholoy of the area?

Dear Sir
Kindly consult petrologists they will give details

refer the siotes in google
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part of the basin is less well-known due to a lack of data and the effects of ... Many lease/study areas in the basin, especially in south Athabasca, ... Various studies have mapped out the areal extent of individual parasequences, and there.
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due to changes in CO2, their effect on radiative forcing, and long term increase in solar luminosity .... conditions to develop in the formerly desert area. These Milankovitch driven climate changes ..... (parasequences) which are bounded by minor ...... LithOlOy. 2. Carbonate. Components. Remarks. IvQ Sa Lqed. OoornI.
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In autumn 2005, the Bohemian Paradise area was included into the network of ... are so plentiful in the Earth that their special protection is not needY ed. ...... al joints) or a combined effect of complex erosion processes (honY ...... landscape types strongly dependent on specific substrate litholoY ..... shelf parasequences.

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Feb 13, 2013 - There are many explanations for the formation of intrashelf basins, but most of these ... Here these shallow margins are extremely susceptible to the effects of marine .... The Hanifa formation in the study area is comprised of eleven lithofacies .... These parasequences downlap on the mfs basin-ward and are ...
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by H Al-Anzi - ‎2008 - ‎Related articles
stratal units based on the event significance of their bounding surfaces. ... case has moved in a basinward direction and parasequences are described to have ... lacustrine systems vary rapidly and widely, this will not affect the application of .... content from the north-northeastern (main sand input) part of the study area ...
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75 results - Fluviodeltaic stratigraphic architecture and its impact on fluid flow have been ... The model contains two parasequence sets (delta complexes), each with five or six ... Uplift, Wyoming, U.S.A., enable analysis of their stratigraphic architectures along ... The northern part of the study area (Sigrun–Gudrun area) is ...


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