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Salam Akilum sir, I had two question related to Oxygen Isotope Analysis .(1)Sir how can use this parameter to differentiate b/w hydrothermal veins and pegmatites. Is their any specific values for each type of rocks or some other method .Please understand me whole procedure .(2)Why we use Oxygen Isotopes not use other isotopes for such differentiation like hydrogen isotope ,Nitrogen etc.I am waiting for your kind repose. Sir if you had research publication related to this send me.
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Amajad Hussain
NCEG, Peshawar , Pakitan

Of course different sources of fluids have different ranges of oxygen and hydrogen isotope ratios. Otherwise, these would be useless in distinguishing different sources. Hydrogen isotopes are much less used because hydrogen isotope ratios are changed when fluids react with H-bearing rocks like clay minerals. That is to say Hydroxyl groups (OH-) in these minerals can change the isotopic ratios of hydrogen of the fluid. All rocks have oxygen and fluids change their oxygen isotope signatures much more often.
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