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What's real definition of the word "transgressively" in sentence  "mezosoic rocks lay transgressively over paleozoic"? is the term "transgressively" always related to sea transgression or transgresively means something else (like structural term: concordont, erosive, discordant,...)

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Hi Tom,
Good question.  "Transgression" means exceeding boundaries or limits.  In geological terms that "exceeding boundaries" means an unconformable change from marine (above) to non-marine (below) sediments.  

In geological terms, transgression is always taken to mean the spread of seas over the land.  So, your sentence "Mesozoic rocks lay transgressively over Paleozoic" would mean that the Mesozoic rocks were deposited in a marine environment that covered the terrestrial rocks, due to sea level rise or land subsidence.

If the sentence used "regressively" that would have indicated the lowering of sea level resulting in terrestrial over marine sediments.  The confusion might have come from the fact that the sediments usually have unconformable boundaries.

Hope this helps.


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